tobyMac – Speak life


mercyMe – Shake



Jeremy Camp – My God


Kari Jobe – Forever


Brian & Jenn Johnson (Bethel Music) – Where you go I go


Brian Johnson (Bethel Music) – You have won me


Chris Tomlin – Emmanuel Hallowed Manger Ground

  Acordes C                           F2What hope we hold this starlit night   G2             Csus        Ca King is born in Bethle  –  hem      C/E                    F2Our journey long, we seek the light    C/G                      G        C    F/Cthat...

Casting Crowns – Christmas Offering

  Acordes IntroF  C/F  Bb/F  (x2) F        C/F           Bb/F            FOver the skies of Bethlehem appeared a starDm                         CWhile angels sang to lowly shepherdsF             C/F                Bb/F          FThree Wiseman seeking truth they traveled from...

Chris Tomlin – God’s Great Dance Floor

  Acordes: G/B  C  G  D G/B  C   I’m coming back to the startG  D    Where You found meG/B  C    I’m coming back to Your heartG  D    Now I surrender Am   EmTake...

Jenn Johnson (Bethel Music) – Our Father

  Acordes Intro:  G C/E C (2x)       G Our Father in Heaven C                D Hallowed be Your name      G Your Kingdom come quickly      C                D Your will be...