“Dark Horses” nuevo vídeo de Switchfoot

La conocida banda de rock cristiano Switchfoot acaba de lanzar el vídeo oficila de la canción “Dark Horses”

Switchfoot – Meant To Live


Switchfoot – Stars

Switchfoot – Mess of me

  Acordes: (MR) e|———————–| B|———————–| G|———————–| D|———————–| A|–7/12-12-12h10p12h10–| E|–0——————–|                       MR I am my own affliction                    MR   I am my own disease                                        MR There ain’t no drug that they could...

Switchfoot – We are one tonight

  Acordes: (G I’ll rise D I’ll fall Em7    C2 I’ll fail you all G                        D We built these cities to stand so tall Em7            C2 We’ve lost our walls D               Em7             ...